The Fide exam, whether the oral or the written part, it looms large on people who must pass it in order to renew their permis B, permis C or be naturalized. It’s stressful. It takes long preparation. It’s confusing. It’s expensive. It’s risky. Right?

And it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Fide exam was a very smart move from the Swiss Confederation. I’m a language teacher, so you should really believe me. It was not meant as an awful sword hanging above your head. On the contrary, it’s a fabulous tool for linguistic integration.
I can hear you say: Why Anna? I hate the idea of language exam preparation.

Ok, I understand, I see your point, everyone hates exams. But the Fide exam only measures your ability to function in very basic every-day situations. Nobody cares whether you can conjugate properly. Nobody cares about your grammar. I’m sure you you fall ill from time to time and need to consult a doctor, a dentist, a pediatrician for your child. Maybe your apartment is too small and want to find a new one, so you must call the régie to ask some questions, or cancel your lease, or say bonjour to a new neighbour. Your washing machine isn’t working and you need it fixed, right? You must change your winter tires to summer tires, right? So what are you going to say to the garage? How are you making that appointment?

Curiously, passing the Fide exam is the answer to all of this. It teaches you to survive in French in Switzerland. That’s all, it teaches you linguistic survival skills which you need anyhow, right?

And I promise it’s going to be easy. Why? Because I prepared all the fide situations imaginable at the exam (and more!) both as cards and audio format and online exercises. You have the fide exam in your pocket, in no time, I promise. So let’s do this!