If you happen to have a walk by the lake, the Cottage Café is a popular place to have a coffee, or even lunch for that matter. It is right by Brunswick monument close to the Quai du Mont Blanc with a fantastic view not only on the water jet, the stunning Mont Blanc but obviously the monument itself.

The Cottage House has a fascinating history: the small brick house at first served as accommodation for construction workers who had built the Brunswick monument back in the 1870s, later in the 1930s it was transformed into a café. At the beginning of the new millennia the Cottage House stood vacant before its current proprietor, Nicole Boder brought it back to life. And who is this lady who has transformed an empty place into a vibrant melting pot of cultures, a place much liked by all the generations? It is such a Geneva story in itself! Nicole Bodmer at the time was an unemployed chef who wanted to start her own restaurant. She became an entrepreneur with the help of Genilem, a local NGO that helps normal people develop their entrepreneurial skills. What an absolute success story!

The venue itself is a mix of styles and cultures and as such it suits the laidback multi-cultural atmosphere of Geneva well. On a beautiful day the venue is packed with young and not so young people who need to relax and soak up the sun. Should you be in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to sit under one of the ancient trees and enjoy your coffee.

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