Between 2017 and 2019 I single-handedly organized more than 100 events to more than 300 participants. It was a lovely time filled with fun get-togethers and lots of interactions. Partially we organized French language related classes but also lots of outings. We went to cinemas, night clubs, cafés, spas, bowling alleys and threw house parties together. I met lots of lovely people during this time and I have fond memories of these two years.

But I still wanted more from a professional point of view. After all, I created the group for language reasons and what I saw was that so many people were not able to cope in French. We had a good time but we were not on the learning path I imagined us to be. And the main reason was that we lacked a method, and we lacked a goal, and we lacked a purpose.

And all that had changed with me inscribing to become a certified fide trainer because the method made me realize that even though for native French speakers it was perhaps an unchallenging domain to teach foreigners French at really low levels, for me it was the answer to my quest. Finally, I had something concrete and something that could possibly be developed into something more.

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