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I have been following Anna’s classes for two and a half years with success. I needed to improve my speaking skills, which I have managed to do.

I really appreciate her classes thanks to Anna’s dynamism and her application of language to everyday subjects (which I missed). There is a very good atmosphere in her class and this is a very important point for me.”

Oliver Martel, FIDE Student.

“Anna is an energetic teacher. Thanks to her playful methods and her great sense of humour, she helps us to progress and reach our goals while having fun!”

Nadja Kessi-Ruch, FIDE Student.


What does fide stand for?

fide stands for “French, Italian, German in Switzerland” and is the Swiss program for the promotion of language integration. The didactic approach of fide is based on principles such as teaching language within the context of everyday language use depending on the needs of participants

What does the fide test certify?

The fide test certifies oral and written language skills in one of the three national languages in Switzerland. Oral and written skills are assessed separately and a language passport is issued at the achieved A1, A2 or B1 level. The language passport certifies linguistic levels for residence or settlement permit, naturalization or for job search.

How much does the fide exam cost?

The Oral exam (Speaking and Understanding) costs CHF 170. The Written exam (Reading and Writing) costs CHF 120. The Full Assessment (Oral and Written exam) costs CHF 250 CHF.

Where can I take the fide exam?

The fide exam can be taken at various centers in Switzerland, the administration will provide full support with registration.

When do I receive the evaluation results?

The Language Passport and test results are sent by post approximately 4 weeks after the test.

What linguistic levels are tested by the fide exam?

There are three levels tested at the fide exam based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A1, A2, B1. 

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