Easy Fide B1 Cards (Digital Version)

15.00 CHF

Do you want to be a Swiss citizen after all these years in Switzerland? Then you must pass the FIDE exam.

The box includes all 11 fide topics: Housing, Work, Job Search, Administration, Media and Leisure time, Mobility, Purchasing, Post & Banking and Insurance, Health, Training.

It’s the easiest gateway to Fide B1 exam preparation.



Have you been studying French for a considerable amount of time? Do you want to become a Swiss citizen and are you preparing for your Fide Oral B1 exam or your naturalisation exam?

This box of cards builds on the two other levels (Easy Fide A1 and Easy Fide A2) and supports not only your B1 exam preparation but also your naturalisation exam in all of Suisse Romande.

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