Aaah, and there we go, you’ve sipped up the coffee and ready to go but have to ask for the bill.

Let’s start with the prices. We all know that Geneva is expensive, no question about it. Since covid though, I find that prices have been on the rise (and that started much earlier than recent price hikes in petrol). While a “menu du jour” prior to covid was generally around 20 francs (drinks not included), now I find that is getting closer to 25 or 30 francs.

The price of coffee has equally changed. While before I would drink my espresso for an average of 3 – 3.30 francs, now that price is getting closer to 4 or 4.20. And if you like Starbucks or coffee specialties, you might easily pay 7 francs or more for a cup of coffee on the go.

But how do you actually ask for the bill? Well, it’s extremely simple. If you speak little to no French, I recommend you start with putting up your hand and smile and try making eye contact with the waiter/waitress. Once you establish eye contact, you can point to your empty cup and mutter something while smiling or just show your card you want to pay with.

If you are more courageous, then the proper words to say are:

“L’addition, s’il vous plaît.”

Please do not try to read the word in English because that means absolutely nothing in French. Instead, just type “the bill, please” into google translate, then put the mobile close to your ears and listen to it a couple of times. How did it go? Let me know in the comments.

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