The Swiss contestant, Marius Bear has qualified for Saturday’s Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. He is performing his own song “Boys do cry” at the prestigious song contest.

My first thoughts? Well, what a raw voice full of emotions and soul. This 29-year-old from Appenzell is a car mechanic who has turned his passion for music at first into busking (singing in the streets) and later became a winner of the 2019 Swiss Music Awards. I guess as a consequence of the Swiss Röstigraben, he is much better known in the German part of Switzerland than in the Western corners. Even though his musical style is not my cup of tea, his voice is memorable and strong and simply, beautiful. But even though the message is the unrevolutionary idea that “Boys do cry”, at times the ballad sounds like a ‘50s Christmas song. And I listen to Christmas songs when I feel like baby, it’s cold outside. And today at least, it feels more like weather to have a party by the pool. Should you want to see him live, he’s performing at PALEO in Nyon 😉

My second thoughts? Switzerland really wants to win this Eurovision. Gjon’s tears and big voice brought a third place to Switzerland. The idea is “strike while the iron is hot”, that is, cease the momentum and finally WIN the Eurovision Song Contest with a similar song to that of last year.

Let’s see whether Marius Bear is going to make all the ladies vote for a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Tune into Eurovision Song festival this upcoming Saturday (14.05) at 9 pm. Turin and Marius are waiting for you!