Compulsory education ends at the age of 15/16 in Switzerland. The last three grades, namely the 9th, 10th and 11th grade represent the last years of compulsory education. The aim of this cycle is to choose an academic path for your teen depending on their school performance.It is a very important stage in your teen’s life, so inform yourself and talk to as many people as possible to make the best decision possible.

Just as there are Very Important Decisions to make at this stage, there are also Very Important Words we must learn in French. Let’s take a look at them!

Le cycle d’orientation (CO): the last three years of compulsory education where students between 12 and 15 go. In 10th grade students are divided into one of the three sections: Section CT, Section LC, Section LS. It’s a very complex process, so take your time to study the different options.

Section communication et technologie (CT): Communication and Technology Section aims to give practical knowledge to teenagers and develop their spoken language skills and IT knowledge.

Section LanguesVivantes et Communication (LC) : this section has two very different sub-sections, as follows:
• Le profilAllemand/Anglais – The German/English (AA)actually means languges, where teens develop their French, English and German spoken and written skills
• Le profil Sciences appliquées (SA) – the Applied Sciences (AS) profile focuses on Sciences, Maths and IT skilldevelopment.

Section Littéraire-scientifique (LS) has threesub-sections :
• Le profil Latin (L) – the Latin profile aims to develop reading and translation skills from Latin to French.
• Le profilLanguesvivantes (LV) – or the Modern Languages (ML) profile focuses on German and English through the study of literary texts, and as such has a more academic approach to these languages.
• Le profilScientifique (S) – or the Scientific (S) profile aims to make teens acquire maths, biology and physics.

The path your child can take depends on many factors, so don’t hesitate to reach out to several teachers to discuss the best possible options for your teen.

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