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Everyday operational French mastery for non-Swiss nationals entering Switzerland

The Language Jungle Pedagogy shortens the learning time by 7x and prepares learners with A1 courses for the FIDE exam success and permit B applications. All course modules are frequently updated to include other permit application requirements.

Achieve French Competency for Study, Work or Travel.

Eight in every 10 persons entering Switzerland struggle with even the most basic French interactions. Unable to fully connect with the scenic and buzzing lifestyle transition, many feel like they are missing out on life. Yet Switzerland is a perfect home for couples looking to raise their children and find community.
The Français, Italiano, Deutsch in Switzerland (FIDE) exams are part of the Swiss programme for promoting the linguistic integration of foreigners into Switzerland. French proficiency is a critical skill compulsory language requirement for all non-EU nationals who must renew their residence permit in Geneva.

Fide lessons

study key fide topics that are a pre-set component of the exam.

Interactive Animated Videos

Watch and role play fide exam topics so that at the exam and in real life you can speak confidently.

Digital Flash cards

Vocabulary practice starts with the visual and auditory flash card experience that make learning words easy-peasy.

Pronunciation classes

Correct pronunciation is critical to being understood. Practicing pronunciation is a key element in our course.

Drag and drop exercises

Placing vocabulary into long-term memory is far from easy. Drag and drop exercises support learning by heart.

Fill in the blanks

Practice correct word order and learn practical sentences that are essential in the preparation of the fide exam.


Practice your listening and writing skill all at once so that you get a feel for the language.

Memory games

Learning is not always serious. Let’s have fun while learning vocabulary!


At the end of each lesson there is a quiz that makes sure that the vocabulary and sentences have really been learned by heart!

Courses Offered

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Fide Exam

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Are You a Non-Swiss National living in Geneva?

Every year, over 15,000 people of foreign origin, who cannot speak a single word of French or can only struggle with a few disjointed phrases, arrive in Geneva with their spouses and families. On average, they will spend the next 2 years struggling to attain the B1 level French and a majority will not come close to succeeding. The Language Jungle, a Swiss French School, is teaching classes in Geneva and across the Suisse Romande through a blended learning pedagogy that drastically reduces the time it takes to learn French. Individuals looking to study, work, or travel to Switzerland can receive adequate language competency support for French.

The Language Jungle operates a two-fold strategy by:

  • Providing innovative and affordable French courses that help our clients become proficient speakers in a shorter time frame as usual
  • A blended learning strategy that guarantees success at the Fide exams.

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Our Experts

Our team is made up of passionate and Fide certified French trainers and Celta &Delta certified English trainers who are committed to quality language course development and innovative teaching practices. Anna Born, who leads the team of three women, is a teacher known for her strong communication, pedagogy, and problem-solving methods. The team is built on core value of novelty, authenticity, and innovation as tools for making the learning process exciting, and flexible.

The Language Jungle team is driven by a need to transform the learning experience into a genuine, liberating, and empowering one. Learners are exposed to a process that allows them to freely express themselves, overcome mistakes, and work through mental blocks that hinder their language competency. Ultimately, the language learner would find the support of a team that helps them become appreciative of their new home country and language.