coffee to discuss, chat, share, connect and have a good laugh. It’s such a feeling of being a collective and meet so many people all at once, exchanging news, asking for and receiving advice, updating each other with whatever has been going on in our lives. It’s absolutely lovely.

Even though our choice was determined by the location of the café, I still want to share with you three of my favorite coffee places in Geneva:

1. Remor – a café and restaurant in Plainpalais. Remor reminds me the most of a Central-European traditional café as those found in Vienna or Budapest for that matter. It’s a place with unique atmosphere, old school style, a place where you can contemplate or have long discussions with friends. A small corner of German speaking Central Europe lost in down-town Geneva where coffee culture, art and bubbly atmosphere harmoniously cohabitate.

2. Les Recyclables – another artsy place full of second-hand books and a café in its own right. I like to read on a mellow afternoon there, a place where I can chit-chat with the waiters or just look around an observe my environment while sipping the creamy foam of my cappuccino. It’s a place that invites solitary passersby who love a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere, cosy ambiance and really good coffee.

3. In summer – I like to be at the lakefront and have my coffee outdoors. Having a walk around the lake on a sunny summer day with the unforgettable views and laid-back atmosphere is what we are all waiting for, all year round. Geneva is sober most of the year, people are dressed in dark colors rushing somewhere work related. And then, when summer finally arrives, the skies get clear and the living is easy, then it becomes a buzzling, young, fun and a time when the beauty of the lake and the grey buildings behind look just perfect over a good cup of coffee.

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